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WINALOT Classics Chicken Mixed in Jelly

WINALOT Classics Chicken Mixed in Jelly

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Every bowl of WINALOT is a 100% complete and balanced meal where you will find these 8 added essential vitamins/ trace elements and minerals
Vitamin A & E – helps to maintain healthy eyes and skin
Vitamin D3 – helps to maintain strong and healthy bones
Iron – helps to maintain vitality
Iodine, Copper, Manganese, Zinc: provide further essential nutrients for a balanced and complete diet.

It’s the food that generations of dogs have grown up on, because day after day, it never fails to hit the spot. After all, it’s a dog’s life.

Meat and animal derivatives (of which Chicken 4%); cereals; vegetable protein extracts; minerals; various sugars

Moisture: 81.5%;
Protein: 6.5%;
Fat content: 3.5%;
Crude ash: 2.5%;
Crude fibre: 0.1%.

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