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Webbox Chomping Chews Chicken

Webbox Chomping Chews Chicken

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Webbox Chomping Chews Chicken. At Webbox we know how much our furry friends love to chomp on a moreish treat so we created our Chomping Chews with chicken that will leave your dog wagging its tail in joy.
Our Chomping Chews are made with 50% fresh meat and are packed with juicy chicken flavours that will leave your dog drooling. We’ve also included the minerals that your dog needs to lead a happy and healthy life so you’ll be happy to know that even at treat time your pet will be eating a healthy option.
Even though our Chomping Chews are delicious it’s important to remember that they are treats and should be fed in a way which compliments your pet’s usual feeding routine. Our Feeding Guide tab includes a handy recommendation of the number of individual Chomping Chews that should be fed to your dog according to their weight.

Meat and animal derivatives (15% chicken) cereals vegetables various sugars oils and fats minerals yeasts.

Crude Protein 33.5%
Crude Fibre 2%
Fat Content 20%
Crude Ash 9%
Moisture 28%

Antioxidants; Preservatives; Sensory Additive: Smoke Flavour 5g/kg

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