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Webbox Black Pudding Sticks 16 X 4Pk

Webbox Black Pudding Sticks 16 X 4Pk

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Webbox Black Pudding is one of the favourite delicacies at Webbox so Webbox created the Black Pudding Sticks so your canine can enjoy the rich taste as much as you. These deliciously meaty sticks have the same black pudding taste but are more dog-friendly. Made with 60% fresh meat our Black Pudding Sticks are rich in pork and are packed with minerals so you’ll know that even at treat time your dog will be getting the nutrients it needs to lead a happy and healthy life. The Black Pudding Sticks are ideal to be fed at any time as a reward treat or training aid. Good behaviour does deserve a reward after all! The treats should complement your pet’s usual feeding routine and you should be cautious not to overfeed. Provide fresh drinking water at all times as this will help keep your furry friend hydrated and happy.

Meat and animal derivatives (60% fresh meat of which 14% pork) derivatives of vegetable origin cereals oils and fats minerals various sugars.

Antioxidants; Preservatives; Colours

Product Nutrition
Crude Protein:  37%
Crude Fibre:  2%
Fat Content:  10%
Crude Ash:  12%
Moisture:  20%

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