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VEGAN Lily's Kitchen Dog Rainbow Stew 400g

VEGAN Lily's Kitchen Dog Rainbow Stew 400g

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A vibrant recipe for vibrant dogs - we know a few of those!

Our Vibrant Rainbow Stew has been specially crafted by expert nutritionists to serve up delicious flavour and complete nutrition. With top quality, plant-based ingredients including courgettes packed with vitamins, carrots bursting with antioxidants and lentils full of protein & iron, your pooch will not miss the meat.


Suppertime will still mean bowls full of goodness and wagging tails. Perfectly balanced, vet approved and woofing delicious. We're proud as vegan punch with this tin of plant power.


Customer Notice:

We still have stock left of some our Vibrant Rainbow Stew with their original labels, so you may receive these in your orders during this transition period. We haven't made any changes to the recipe, it's made using the same natural ingredients that your pup knows and loves, in the same kitchens as always.

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