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Tetra Pond Koi Sticks Tub 10L

Tetra Pond Koi Sticks Tub 10L

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Tetra Pond Koi Sticks. Premium quality complete food for all koi, providing healthy and biologically balanced nutrition. The floating sticks allow near-natural feeding in line with koi's eating habits.
Complete food for all koi
Contains essential nutrients, vitamins and trace elements
For balanced nutrition, healthy growth and a strong immune system
Natural colour enhancers for brightly coloured fish
Unsaturated fatty acids promote vitality
Clean water and better water quality thanks to highly digestible food sticks

Derivatives of vegetable origin, Cereals, Vegetable protein extracts, Fish and fish derivatives, Minerals, Oils and fats, Yeasts.

Crude Protein 31%
Crude Oils and Fats 5%
Crude Fibre 2%
Moisture Content 7%

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