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Skinner's Puppy Milk

Skinner's Puppy Milk

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An easy-to-mix formula, suitable for all puppies.


• Helps to ensure the health and vitality of growing puppies and bitches before and after whelping.

• Skinner's Puppy Milk is made from wholesome cow's milk, with some of the hard-to-digest fat removed and then supplemented with all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements needed for healthy growth.

• Lactose, or milk sugar, provides energy for growth, whilst a balance of protein is essential for bone and muscle development.

• Clacium and phosphorus help form healthy bones and teeth, whilst a range of trace elements ensure the correct functioning of the immune system.


Ingredients: Skimmed milk powder, fats, starch, vitamins, minerals, trace elements.


Typical Analysis: Protein 24%, Oil 30%, Fibre 0.1%, Ash 5.7%

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