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Connolly's Red Mills

Red Mills Racehorse Cubes 14%

Red Mills Racehorse Cubes 14%

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Red Mills Racehorse Cubes is a high energy feed ensuring quick recovery from the stresses of racing and fast muscle conditioning during training.

It is also widely used in the feeding of eventers show jumpers and other top class performance horses.

  • Red Mills Racehorse Cubes
  • High Energy Feed
  • Ensures Quick Recovery
  • Complete Feed

Contains: Oats Barley Maize Soya (bean) Hulls Soya Bean Extruded Wheat (sugar ) Cane Molasses Sunflower Seed Extracted Soya Bean Extracted Toasted Grass Meal Mono-dicalcium Phosphate Calcium Carbonate (limestone Flour) Sodium Chloride (salt) Mineral/vitamin Premix Sodium Carbonate Magnesium Oxide. Produced From Genetically Modified Soyabeans.

Nutritional analysis: Protein 14.0% Oil 4.0% Fibre 10.0% Ash 7.5% Moisture (Max) 14.0% Vitamin A 15000iu/kg Vitamin D3 2000iu/kg Vitamin E (alpha tocopherol) 200iu/kg Copper 40mg/kg Calcium 1.0% Phosphorus 0.6% Digestible Energy 11.7MJ/kg

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