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Red Mills

Red Mills Oat Balancer Cooked Mix 20% LP 20kg

Red Mills Oat Balancer Cooked Mix 20% LP 20kg

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Red Mills Oat Balancer Cooked Mix 20% Specially formulated oat balancer in a muesli form. Combination of steam cooked barley, maize and peas to create a complete ration when added to quality oats. High protein, vitamins and mineral levels to cater for the performance horse. Highly palatable molasses and soya oil coating

(in descending order by weight): Maize flakes (steam cooked), Sunflower seed meal, Soya bean extruded (1), Soyabean meal (1), Cane molasses, Barley flakes (steam cooked), Soya (bean) hulls (1), Soyabean flakes (steam cooked) (1), Mono-dicalcium phosphate, Pea flakes (steam cooked), Calcium carbonate, Soya oil (1), Sodium chloride (salt), Magnesium oxide. (1) Produced From Genetically Modified Soyabeans
Nutritional Analysis
Protein  20.0%
Oil  7.0%
Fibre  8.5%
Ash  11.5%
Moisture (Max)  14%
Copper  138mg/kg
Vitamin A  27,500iu/kg
Vitamin D3  5,000iu/kg
Vitamin E (alpha tocopherol)  500iu/kg
Calcium  2.0%
Phosphorus  1.0%
Digestible Energy  12.5MJDE/kg

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