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Connolly's Red Mills

Red Mills Horse Care 14 Mix LLP

Red Mills Horse Care 14 Mix LLP

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Red Mills Horse Care 14 Mix LLP. Ideal for performance horses and horses in training and breeding stock requiring a low starch or a specialised diet.  Red Mills Horse Care 14 Mix is a 14% protein mix for controlled energy release for optimum performance and stamina.

Soya Bean Flakes (steam cooked) (Sugar) Beet Pulp Soya (Bean) Hulls Oats (steam cooked) (Sugar) Cane Mollasses Maize Flakes (steam cooked) Soya Bean Extruded Oats (cleaned screened) Chopped Alfalfa Barley Flakes (steam cooked) Pea Flakes (steam cooked) Soya Oil Mono-dicalcium Phosphate Maerl 0.75% Calcium Carbonate Sodium Chloride Magnesium Oxide Mannan-/Fructo-oligosaccharides 0.1%

Analytical Constituents
Crude Protein   14.0%
Crude Fibre   12.0%
Crude Oils & Fats   8.5%
Crude Ash   8.7%
Sodium   0.29%
Chloride   0.69%
Potassium   0.99%
Magnesium   0.30%
Calcium   1.35%
Phosphorus   0.68%
Starch   15%
Digestible Energy   12.1 MJDE/kg

Nutritional Additives per kg
Vitamin A  15000 iu
Vitamin D3  2500 iu
Vitamin E  375 iu
Vitamin C  50 mg
Vitamin K3  4.4 mg
Biotin  3.75 mg
Trace Elements
Iron  150 mg
Iodine  1.5mg
Copper  48.75 mg*
Manganese  81.25 mg*
Zinc  150 mg*
Selenium  0.5 mg*
Zootechnical Additives
Digestibility Enhancers  
4b1702 Saccharomyces Cerevisiae NCYC  
Sc 47 5x109 cfu/kg  
*A proportion of this value is provided by a chelated source.

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