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Pillow Wad

Pillow Wad Timothy Hay

Pillow Wad Timothy Hay

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This Timothy hay is dust extracted and UK sourced. It has a super high-fibre content and it helps to keep ever-growing teeth in check by encouraging natural chewing, the course storks of the hay help to achieve this in a nutritious and palatable feed. It is suitable for many small animals such as rabbits, chinchillas, degus and guinea pigs.

The high fibre content found in this natural grass is essential to the health of your pet by keeping the digestive tract moving and in good health.

What makes BIO-WRAP so special?
Completely biodegradable
Cleared for home and industrial composting (EN13432)
Breathable; to help keep the feed fresher for longer
Can be disposed of in your home compost or in your food caddy (can also be re-used as food waste bags)
Made from renewable sources.



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