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Pillow Wad

Pillow Wad Bio Barley Straw Large

Pillow Wad Bio Barley Straw Large

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Pillow Wad Bio Barley Straw. Now even more environmentally friendly Pillow Wad Barley Straw has been lovingly wrapped in fully home-compostable packaging.  Grown and harvested by Pillow Wad on their farm or within a 2-mile radius they are able to ensure its pack only the cream of the crop. Pillow Wad stamp the date and field of each harvest giving full traceability and complete control. Using Pillow Wad bespoke dust-extractor and sieve for quality assurance the golden Barley Straw is also unchopped to ensure it reaches you in peak condition. Stored and cared for on-site so we know you get the best quality possible all year round.

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