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PetBuddy Puppy Love 2KG

PetBuddy Puppy Love 2KG

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A loving complete food that gives the puppy all the nutrition it needs, without all the unnecessary stuff it doesn't need. The recipe contains turkey and salmon as main ingredients, providing a high amount of protein, healthy fats and essential nutrients. A well-balanced mix of calcium and phosphorus ensures healthy development of bones and joints. The pieces have a round flat shape of approx. 1.0-1.2 cm.

Which dogs is Puppy Love suitable for?

Puppies from 4 weeks of age

Free from additives, grains, gluten and GMOs.

Salmon & turkey – Protein-rich turkey in combination with fat-rich salmon gives your puppy all the essential nutrients it needs for good growth.

Sweet Potatoes – Packed with fiber, calcium, vitamins B6, C, and A, which strengthen the immune system.

Prebiotics – Contributes to good bacterial flora, strengthens the immune system, improves digestion and increases nutrient absorption.

Mojave yucca – Plant extract that reduces stool odor and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Kelp – Dried seaweed that reduces inflammation and promotes good digestion.

Free from additives, grains, gluten and GMOs.

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