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Pedigree Pch Puppy Jelly 4x12x100g

Pedigree Pch Puppy Jelly 4x12x100g

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Pedigree Puppy pouches in Jelly provide 100% complete fresh and healthy nutrition. With balanced levels of calcium and phosphorus to support healthy growth easily digestible rice which helps to keep him healthy from his insides out zinc & sunflower oil containing omega 6 known to support a healthy skin & shiny coat and Vitamin E to help support his immune system so he's ready for anything.

No added artificial colours artificial flavours or preservatives

Single Box Contents:

  • 3x with Chicken and Rice
  • 3x with Lamb and Rice
  • 3x with Poultry and Rice
  • 3x with Beef and Rice

Ingredients: Meat and Animal Derivatives Cereals (including 4% Cooked Rice) Oils and Fats (including 1% Sunflower Oil) Minerals Derivatives of Vegetable Origin Vegetable Protein Extracts

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