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Natural Nibbles

Natural Nibbles Herb & Veg Filled Herbal Tunnel

Natural Nibbles Herb & Veg Filled Herbal Tunnel

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Our 100% edible Tunnels are coated in natural herbs & leaves, then filled with dried mixed veggies and nettle leaf.

 These tunnels have an inner diameter of 4.5cm-5cm which makes them ideal for Small Rodents, Smaller Hamsters & Guinea Pigs, they also work great as a filled chew toy for rabbits.


One end of the herb coated tunnel is filled with Natural Nettle leaves, the other end is filled with dried Vegetables, so not only is this a fun chew toy that can help maintain good tooth health, it also adds variety to their diet!


Key Features

Boredom busting, long-lasting treat

Ideal for small Rodents, Hamsters & Guinea Pigs

Can be placed on the floor of your their enclosure

Great mix of Natural Herbs, Leaves & Vegetables

Suitable for most small animals

Pack contains 1 tunnel with a different filling at each end.


This Product is suitable for:

Rabbits, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, Rodents & Most Small Animals

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