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INOL Equine Virocid Disinfectant 500ml

INOL Equine Virocid Disinfectant 500ml

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INOL Equine Virocid Disinfectant. Virocid™ is a highly concentrated disinfectant with multi surface broad spectrum kill and residual efficacy. It is effective against bacteria (including hard to kill spore forming bacteria), fungi, mould and viruses.

Clean surfaces thoroughly before disinfection

• 1:200 solution - effective against all bacteria, moulds, fungi and yeasts

• 1:100 solution - effective against all viruses

• Apply to all surfaces using a sprayer, fogger, foamer or other chosen method

• Allow 15 minutes contact time at the designated concentration

• If applying directly to food/public area surfaces, rinse after 15 minutes contact time

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