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Harkers Loft Treatment

Harkers Loft Treatment

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Harkers Loft Treatment. Harkers Loft Treatment is a dry disinfectant in powder form especially designed for use in pigeon lofts. This Treatment is a dry disinfectant which inhibits the spread of disease-causing organisms which are often spread via the droppings.
Even though the disinfectant is dry there is not lime or chalk based which can dry the natural oils on a pigeon’s plumage.
The dry disinfectant is compatible with all systems and should be sprinkled lightly around nesting and perching areas – paying particular attention to any damp patches which are normally the danger areas in pigeon lofts.
Loft treatment is pleasant smelling finely divided powder which incorporates a powerful ammonium biocidal agent.
When spread as a dressing bacteria is held in Loft Treatment’s highly absorbent matrix and efficiently neutralised.
Bacterial – effective against bacteria and oocysts
Pleasant to use – keeps lofts smelling fresh
Dry disinfectant – can be used when weather is damp
Compatible with all other hygiene systems – penetrates the areas your scraper cannot reach

Available as a 1.8kg bucket or a 10kg bucket.

Benzalkonium Chloride and Eucalyptus Oil.

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