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GFP Comfybed Plus Bedding - 24KG

GFP Comfybed Plus Bedding - 24KG

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GFP Comfybed Plus Bedding is a premium woodchip and woodshavings blended bale. We understand that everybody wants the very best for their horses / smaller pets  and bedding forms a very important part of the bond you create with your pet, with Comfybed plus you can take complete confidence in our product, we pride ourselves on producing to the very highest standards, Comfybed plus is not only right first time, but is right every time. We expect it, more importantly we know you demand it.


With the high cost of the more traditional bedding options, we have developed Comfybed plus to ensure you can still get the highest quality bedding at a competitive price. Our premium woodchips and premium woodshavings blend bale is dust extracted, each bales weight is approximately 24kg so more per bale and as both the key ingredients are manufactured at our own site we can guarantee supply year on year whatever the weather.


Our research has indicated that customers are continuously looking at ways to reduce stable costs but not wanting to purchase an inferior product to do this, This research found that customers were regularly blending the preferred choice of bedding (woodshavings) with another lower cost bedding choice. Comfybed plus eliminates the need for you to do this as Comfybed plus is already blended giving you even more time you can spend with your loving horse. We believe Comfybed plus is the future of low cost but high quality equestrian bedding

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