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Fruit & Vegetable Skewer

Fruit & Vegetable Skewer

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A fruit and Vegetable holder is a great way to keep the food in your pet's cage clean and hygienic. The fresh fruit or vegetables are skewered onto the holder which is then hung up in the cage so it does not pick up any dirt from the ground. It also provides your pet with exercise and keeps it amused as the holder swings while your pet is eating and it has to work hard to get at the food.
The Fruit and Vegetable holder is easy to use. At the bottom of the holder, there is a screw which is opened to allow the fruit to be threaded onto the skewer. Then all you have to do is tighten the screw and hang the holder up in the cage. It will start to swing and move around as soon as your pet starts to nibble on the food.

The Trixie Fruit Holder at a glance:

Length approx. 20cm
Material: chrome coated metal
For small pets and birds
Easy to use:
Loosen the screw, skewer the fruit onto the holder, tighten the screw and hang it up!
For hanging in the cage
With snap hook
Hygienic – keeps fresh fruit and veg clean
Provides lots of fun – your pet will have to work hard to get at the food

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