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flexi Xtreme Tape Orange Dog Lead

flexi Xtreme Tape Orange Dog Lead

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flexi XTREME - Extremely tough - For those who love extremes – overly vivacious dogs or challening situations. flexi XTREME offers safety through the reinforced flexi X11 Tape and provides increased comfort on all adventures through its intergrated elastic soft stop. Soft grip with adjustable handle, comfortable robust braking system. Can be customized with flexi LED Lighting System & Multi Box.


3 / 5 / 8 m tape leads available 

Extra Small For dogs up to max. 15 kg 

Small For dogs up to max. 20 kg 

Medium For dogs up to max. 35 kg

Large 5m For dogs up to max. 65 kg

Large 8m For dogs up to max. 55 kg

Reinforced tape [ flexi X11-Tape ] to withstand intense usage

Elastic soft-stop tape element

Adjustable handle

Soft grip

Reliable braking system

Can be customized with LED Lighting System

Can be customized with Multi Box

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