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FELIX AS GOOD AS IT LOOKS Chicken in Jelly - 20 Pack PMP

FELIX AS GOOD AS IT LOOKS Chicken in Jelly - 20 Pack PMP

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With tender pieces of chicken making our FELIX wet cat food utterly irresistible, we're sure your cat will love this delicious dish!

FELIX As Good As It Looks Adult Cat Chicken in Jelly Wet Food is a single pouch packed with essential nutrients and key ingredients to help your adult cat maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Our vets and nutritionists have specially formulated this mouth-watering meal to ensure your cat get's all he needs from his daily diet.

 Box of 20 Pouches. 


Meat and animal derivatives* (14%, of which chicken 8%), Vegetable protein extracts, Fish and fish derivatives, minerals, Various sugars. *chunks: 44% Meat and animal derivatives.



Moisture: 82%, Protein: 11.5%, Fat Content: 2.5%, Crude Ash: 2.5%, Crude fibre: 0.05%, Omega-6 fatty acids: 0.4%.



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