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Lazy Bones

Lazy Bones Pet 100 Cage Kit

Lazy Bones Pet 100 Cage Kit

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Lazy Bones 100 Cage Kit
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For rabbits, it's crucial to provide them with a living space that is at least 10ft x 6ft x 3ft/3m x 2m x 1m in size, but we suggest offering more space than that. It's essential that the living area is spacious and tall enough for rabbits to move around and jump as much as they want.

For guinea pigs, the minimum recommended cage size is 7.5 square feet or around 30" x 36". However, it's better to provide a larger living space since guinea pigs are social animals, and it's advisable to have at least two guinea pigs that get along with each other.

When it comes to hamsters, it's recommended to have a cage size of at least 100cm x 50cm x 50cm (L x W x H), which is equal to 5000 cm2 (775 in2). This is the minimum recommended cage size for all hamster species, including Dwarf hamsters, and is also mentioned on Wikipedia.

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