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Argo Supabeet Horse & Pony Pellets

Argo Supabeet Horse & Pony Pellets

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Argo Supabeet Pellets 25KG (SRP:£22.79) are a high-quality feed for horses and ponies, derived from sugar beet; this dried root crop remainder has been shredded and pelletized for easy consumption. The energy content is comparable to grains, yet non-heating, and provides a calcium-rich, digestible source of fibre which supports efficient digestion and a slow energy release, ensuring horses stay warm.


Argo Supabeet Horse & Pony Pellets are quickly digested in the small intestine, providing an instant source of energy for active horses. Highly palatable, they are sure to please even the pickiest horses. The pellets can be made moist and firm to mask bitter worming powder flavors, or served in a wet state to help with hydration. With a high sugar content, these pellets are ideal for endurance and hunting horses, supplying them with energy during extended rides without access to food. Additionally, feeding them in a very wet state also helps ensure proper water intake.


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