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15kg Wood Litter Pellets - Best Pets

15kg Wood Litter Pellets - Best Pets

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Ultra absorbent, biodegradable with a pine fragrance. Woodbase cat litter helps to keep your pet happy and healthy, with a pine fragrance to keep your home smelling fresh.

Produced in the United Kingdom from 100% recovered sawdust.

Directions for use

  • Provide a litter tray large enough for your cat to use comfortably.
  • Fill the litter tray with Bestpets cat litter to a depth of approximately 1cm.
  • Woodbased cat litter expands when wet so do not over fill the litter tray.
  • Inspect the tray daily and using a scoop remove solids as necessary. Dispose of with the appropriate household waste.
  • At regular intervals the tray should be emptied completely and washed out with a mild detergent. Dry the tray thoroughly before filling with fresh Bestpets cat litter.

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