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Cesar Tray Classics Lamb CIJ 2x7x150g

Cesar Tray Classics Lamb CIJ 2x7x150g

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Cesar Classics Mini Fillets with Tender Lamb & Chicken in Jelly are a complete pet food for adult small breed dogs. Cesar know your dog is special which is why they create meals for that are both healthy and tasty.  

For over 25 years nutritional experts have carefully selected quality ingredients and combined them in the best possible way. Each meal is 100% complete and made with selected meats vegetables vitamins and minerals to give your dog a healthy and delicious dish.

Ingredients: Meat and Animal Derivatives (45% including 4% Lamb 4% Chicken) Cereals Minerals Derivatives of Vegetable Origin

Nutrition: Protein: 8.5% Fat content: 5.5% Inorganic matter: 2% Crude fibres: 0.4% Moisture: 82%

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