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CATSAN Ultra Clumping Odour Control Cat Litter

CATSAN Ultra Clumping Odour Control Cat Litter

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CATSAN ULTRA Plus clay cat litter doesn't have to mask bad smells, it stops them even forming. These cat litter granules provide a considerably longer lasting odour control than conventional litter

Catsan Ultra Plus clumping cat litter efficiently produces small and firm clumps when used. These are then easy to remove to maintain a clean and hygienic cat litter tray.

The fine granulation of this odour control cat litter ensures high efficiency and low tracking, whilst being gentle to your cat's sensitive paws, keeping you and your feline companion happy.

The selected sun-dried clay used for CATSAN ULTRA Plus ensures easy clump removal and very good odour control. Made with 100% natural materials, you can feel confident with CATSAN hygienic cat litter

CATSAN ULTRA Plus cat litter granules have very low dust development when poured out of the easy-open-bag. Efficient clumping and good odour control makes this clay cat litter a natural choice

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