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Burns Grain Free Puppy Duck & Potato, 6kg

Burns Grain Free Puppy Duck & Potato, 6kg

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Give your new arrival the best start in life with our Duck & Potato grain-free puppy food. The complete diet contains high-quality natural ingredients and is designed for pets to thrive. This grain-free diet has been carefully crafted in response to market demand and is developed by Veterinary Surgeon, John Burns.

Grain-free, gluten-free and dairy-free, without sacrificing any of the usual health benefits that exist in Burns food. That’s the concept behind the new diet.

Why choose Grain Free?
Wheat, gluten, dairy and beef are the most common allergens seen in dogs and account for a whopping 70% of dog allergies. By creating a recipe free-from such ingredients, adult dogs are less likely to have an intolerance or negative reaction and young pups are less likely to develop these problems. This means that our Duck & Potato diet is ideal for sensitive dogs.

What do the diets contain?

A limited profile of wholesome ingredients including duck, potato, buckwheat, peas, seaweed, vitamins and minerals.

Duck – A premium source of poultry and a novel protein. Lean, rich in iron and easy to digest.

Potato – An easily digestible complex carbohydrate.

Duck Fat – Nutrient rich omega-3 fatty acids promote healthy skin and coat.

Buckwheat – Despite the misleading name, buckwheat is a fruit seed and well-regarded as a superfood. It’s rich in antioxidants, high in fibre and highly-digestible.

Seaweed – Rich in minerals and vitamins, seaweed promotes healthy teeth and coat.

Peas – A great source of iron, potassium and rich in vitamins A and K.

Get your paws on top dog nutrition advice
Call 0800 083 6696 or email to receive free friendly and professional advice relating to your dog's diet.

Product Benefits:

-Grain free, gluten free and dairy free
-Free from wheat, soya, beet pulp and sweet potato
-Natural, complete diet
-Single protein source
-Contains duck which is a novel protein
-Contains buckwheat which is rich in antioxidants
-Highly digestible so less to clear up
-Low daily feeding costs
-Pup-sized kibble

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