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Burgess Sensitive Adult Dog Lamb & Rice, 12.5kg

Burgess Sensitive Adult Dog Lamb & Rice, 12.5kg

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Burgess Grehound & Lurcher Rich in Chicken is specifically designed for the needs of these dogs as pets, the majority which will have come from a rescue centre. We have added in some great functional ingredients to help them stay happy and healthy.


- Glucosamine to help stiff joints and great for overworked legs

- Omega 3 is beneficial in helping temperature regulation and promoting a glossy coat and healthy skin

- Prebiotics to help digestive health

- Protein is deliberately at a slightly lower level as required by pet greyhounds and lurchers. Too much protein may cause anxiety and hyperactivity

- Carbohydrate is a balance of maize and locally sourced wheat for sustainable energy

- Free from artificial flavours and colours

- No added preservatives

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