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Burgees Excel

Burgess Excel Junior and Dwarf Rabbit Nuggets

Burgess Excel Junior and Dwarf Rabbit Nuggets

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Burgess Excel Tasty Nuggets for Junior and Dwarf Rabbits is delicious, complementary food that's high in Beneficial Fibre, protein and rich nutrients to help young rabbits grow.

Dwarf breed rabbits will thrive on this food as they have a higher metabolism than adult and standard sized rabbits, so require a feed that is specifically targeted to their unique needs.

Rabbits are Fibrevores and require a blend of the two key fibres in order to maintain a healthy digestive system:

Digestible Fibre - the essential source of nutrients to keep your rabbit happy and healthy;
Indigestible Fibre - helps keeps the digestive system moving and aids to grind down teeth.
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