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Compressed Barley Straw Bedding 12.5kg

Compressed Barley Straw Bedding 12.5kg

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Our super compressed straw for pets, its comfortable and insulating, making it the perfect bedding material for your pet.

Harvested from our local farm barley fields, our natural straw is biodegradable and 100% recyclable, so gentle on the environment and suitable for mixing with compost.

Our super compressed straw is dust extracted to minimise irritation and ensure your pet's safety.

Directions for use: Cover the floor of your pet's home with 3-6cm of Straw to make an absorbent and comfortable carpet.

You should change your pet's bedding at least once a week and replace when soiled.

Clear your pet's home once a week with warm water and pet safe disinfectant.

For the best results use in conjunction with another bedding material such as our woodshavings.

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