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Nutriment Dog Adult Just Turkey, 500g

Nutriment Dog Adult Just Turkey, 500g

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A complementary food, to be used as a mixer or as the base of DIY raw recipes.

British Turkey with Bone 100%

Our Just Turkey raw dog food is 100% human-grade quality turkey and bone for use in at-home recipes. At Nutriment, we understand that some dog owners are incredibly passionate about their dog’s diet, and so our Just Turkey product enables dog owners to create recipes and meals tailored to their dog’s specific dietary needs and preferences. Free from fillers, additives and preservatives, our Just Turkey is packed full of easily digestible nutrients essential to the optimal health of dogs. The turkey we use in our raw dog food solutions is carefully selected by to ensure it is high-quality and ethically reared.

Typical analysis as fed:

Moisture: 64.9%
Protein: 17.2%
Fat: 13.8%,
Ash (inorganic matter): 3.5%
Fibre: 0.5%

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