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Indoor Run - Hamster & Guinea Pig

Indoor Run - Hamster & Guinea Pig

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A large small pet run from Skyline with 4 wooden pieces that click together to make a ranch. Pre-cut doors. Easy assembly and disassembly. For small pets, hamsters and guinea pigs. Simply connect the 4 pieces of wood together and the Indoor Arizona Ranch is done! The naturally coloured run from Skyline is just the right thing for your small pet, hamster or guinea pig and provides it with a safe place to run about in your home. 110 x 77 x 30cm 

The rectangular run can be set up as a separate run, but it also works well as an extension to your pet’s cage or hutch. Door outlines are pre-cut and the pieces in the walls can just be pushed through to add in entrances as needed. This allows you to double the amount of space your pet has to run about in.
You no longer need be constantly worried about getting distracted briefly and then discovering your cables or other items of furniture have been chewed through.

You can fit the indoor run with whatever cage accessories like exercise wheels and cabins you fancy.
The four pieces can be slid together and then apart again to be stored somewhere out of the way.

The Skyline Ranch Arizona Indoor Run at a glance:

    • Made from 4 wooden pieces that connect together to make an indoor small pet run
    • Ideal for small pets like hamsters and guinea pigs


    • Easy to assemble and disassemble: the 4 side parts connect together simply


    • Space-saving storage: collapsible side walls


    • Made from natural wood: natural and completely non-toxic


    • Possible to create individual entrances: 2 doors can be pushed out when needed
    • A safe run for in the home
    • Suitable for extending the small pet cage


    • Colour: natural


    • Material: plywood
      • Thickness: 6mm


  • Size:
    • Total size: 110 x 77 x 30 cm (L x W x H)
    • Optional door size: 15 x 18 cm (W x H)
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