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Double Outdoor Hutch 6ft

Double Outdoor Hutch 6ft

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Suitable for the following pets: Rabbits and Guinea Pigs.

A good home is very important for any pet, it is a place where they feel cosy and safe. With this in mind our hutches are built to be cosy and warm but also sturdy and secure, providing the best possible home for your pet.

This luxury weather proof Bluebell Hideaway Guinea Pig and Rabbit Hutch 5ft Blue/Green & White provides a perfect two storey living space for rabbits and Guinea Pigs.
- Four doors, for easy access;
- Strong mesh wire, for peace of mind and the safety of your pet;
- A separate bedding area, to create a safe and dark place for your pet to rest.

Remember, your pets need plenty of exercise to stay healthy, so be sure to give them extra space to play. Pets love the great outdoors, and they should spend most of the day stretching their legs, running around, grazing and playing. Our Rabbit and Guinea Pig Runs (sold separately) are the ideal solution to help keep them fit in a safe and secure environment. 
Rabbits and Guinea Pigs should permanently have access to a run or secure garden area.

To provide the best for your pets we encourage you to enrich your hutch with accessories such as wooden toys and hideaways to help nurture and comfort your pets and ensure they are entertained.

It is best to ensure that your hutch is in a safe, sheltered position before introducing your pet to their new home.

Care instructions: Treat between seasons with animal safe, water based treatment. Please ensure that you follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully. Regular cleaning will prolong the life of the hutch. Don't forget, you can protect your pet, and prolong the life of your hutch even further by fitting one of our Showerproof or Thermal Hutch Covers.

Made from softwood.

This product will be shipped to you flat packed in 1 box which weighs approx.. 30kg, measuring approx.. 157cm high, 63cm wide and 17.5cm deep.

Due to a change in the name of this product, you may receive packaging which refers to this product as the Birch Hideaway - please rest assured that this is the exact same product, the only difference being the name.

For your pet's safety, examine the hutch from time to time for wear and tear and replace when appropriate. Do not allow children to use the hutch as a play thing.

For safety reasons, please ensure that when fitting a pet water bottle (sold separately), the bottle is fitted on the exterior of the hutch with the nozzle directed to the inside.

Approximate Dimensions (Product): H112.5 x W152 x D61cm
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